Social AID

Lake Atitlan Guatemala – Cooperativa Spanish School

Pro-active Community Involvement
The teachers of the Cooperativa are all local to San Pedro and are well aware of the social and economic needs of the community. With the inception of their school they realized that some support from them could greatly benefit the community, so they have created three development programs within San Pedro. The first of these is an outreach program that involves twenty-two families in San Pedro. It is the responsibility of each teacher to research and appoint families for the involvement in this program and qualification is based on the extent of the family’s need. All of the families involved are marginalized through physical disability or severe economic hardship. Regular visits are made by the teachers, during which the families are provided with goods to satisfy their basic needs, such as rice, beans, eggs, sugar and soap. Students are invited, but not required, to make these visits with their teachers.

Along with helping to feed impoverished families the Cooperativa has begun an ambitious housing project. The school picks one family from amongst the most in need and constructs small, but sound, houses for them to live in. The project is funded entirely by students donations and donations from people interested in direct aid projects. All monies donated go directly to construction cost, there is zero pulled out for administration. Below is a short video of the current candidate family.

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The Cooperativa also runs a development support project in a local elementary school that is insufficiently funded.

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