Your new home in San Pedro La Laguna

While studying any new language the fully-integrated, immersion approach to learning is the best method. It is for this reason that all language schools in Guatemala, including the Cooperativa Spanish School, strongly encourages students to stay in the home of a local Spanish-speaking family where it is necessary for the student to use the new language skills that they acquire in school. Staying with a local family gives students the opportunity to use the language in genuine situations while also giving them an invaluable insight into the daily lives and experiences of local people. It is a time for personal cultural exchange experiences.

homestayDoing a home stay is also a way of directly contributing financially to the community while receiving, in return, an excellent service. When you come to the Cooperativa Spanish School you can choose to live with a local, carefully chosen, host family. You will eat three meals a day with your new family, except Sundays, and stay in a private room with a locking door. Staying with a host family is the most cost effective way to live in San Pedro and the best way to practice and retain the Spanish you are learning in school. Many students build relationships with their families that last long after they return home

The Cooperativa also guarantees that all fees paid towards a home stay will go directly to the home stay family.